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Официальная прошивка для Litetec

Загрузить прошивку Официальнуя прошивку для Litetec 3652 51-50-78 Лучше и для всех гаджетов os Android iOS To lock the power make sure the device is unlocked and hold down the plus and minus adjustment buttons. To lock and unlock the Resistance make sure the device is locked and hold down the fire button and the plus adjustment button simultaneously. To put the device into Stealth Mode make sure the device is locked and hold down the fire button and the minus adjustment button simultaneously. To change the temperature make sure the device is locked and then hold down the plus and minus buttons simultaneously. The temperature can be adjusted in the menu and you can have it display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit or switch it off completely. o access the pre-sets on the device make sure the device is unlocked then hold down the plus and minus buttons to access power mode and then click the plus button a couple of times. The device pre-sets include Wattage Mode, Ni200, Ni200 No Preheat, Ni200 Relaxed, SS 316 and Titanium. Lost Vape Therion 166 performance. The device works brilliantly whether you choose to use Variable Wattage or Temperature Control. I ve used loads of my RTA s on this device including my Rose3, my Tilemahos V2 Plus, my Kayfun 5 and also my Phenomenon Lite. I have always had a consistent and enjoyable vape with each of them. Even when using my Goon and Apocalypse RDA s at high Wattage the vape quality of this device has always been excellent. Temperature Control mode works flawlessly and offers a fantastic vaping experience with no heat spiking or temperature fluctuation and the Resistance Lock works extremely well. Battery life is fairly typical of a dual 18650 device perhaps a little more efficient and will depend on your Wattage and how often you vape. Stylish with an exceptional build quality the Therion 166 is a truly exceptional product and one that offers a wide variety of styles as well as the unique option to buy entirely different battery doors.

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